Authorization for merchandise elaboration, transformation or repair within an In-Bond Site or a Strategic In-Bond SiteGuest access
Electronic Value Voucher (COVE)Guest access
Carrier’s Harmonized Alphanumeric Code Record SystemGuest access
Authorization to provide goods warehousing at the fiscal warehouse and/or put on tags according to regulation 4.5.2.Guest access
Freight Forwarder RegistryGuest access
Digitalize foreign trade documentsGuest access
Authorization to enter or exit the national territory to or from a different point from the authorized one, within the customs maritime traffic circumscriptionGuest access
Application for the merchandise sampling registryGuest access
Goods in Transit Carriers RegistryGuest access
Authorization to provide electronic data processing services and related services needed for the control of temporal import of trailers, truck-tractors and container lorries Guest access
Authorization to assign merchandise to the Strategic In-Bond Site regimenGuest access
Authorization for establishing customs warehouses for the exhibition and sale of foreign and national goods at maritime, border, and international airports, according to what is established on article 121, fraction I of the Customs Law.Guest access
Authorization for the entry or exit of goods to and from the national territory, via pipes, ducts, cables or other transportation method.Guest access
Authorization to Apply an Exemption from Foreign Trade Taxes on Merchandise Brought into the Country in Accordance with Art. 61 Fraction IX of the Customs Act.Guest access
Authorization to provide maneuvering services, loading and unloauding services in free trade zones or fiscal precinct.Guest access
Authorization to provide services of warehousing, management and safekeeping of foreign trade goods Guest access
Authorization to provide services of petition data electronic pre-validationGuest access
Authorization of temporary fiscal deposit for international merchandise exhibitions in accordance with article 121, fraction IIIGuest access
Customs Warehouse Authorization for vehicle assembly or manufacturing processesGuest access
Request for Certified Copies of Declarations and their attachmentsGuest access
Spatial planning of the property to enable goods entry under the Strategic In-Bond Site Regimen and Management AuthorizationGuest access